How do clothing colors affect mood?
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How do clothing colors affect mood?

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The colors of the clothes we put on ourselves are not insignificant. They affect not only our appearance, but also our mood and how we are perceived by other people.

Each color has a specific meaning and evokes certain feelings. This is important especially when choosing an outfit. When dressing, people rarely think about the colors of their closet. Out of haste they make rather random choices. It is a pity, because it plays a big role – it affects emotions and how others perceive us. For example, certain colors can have a calming or stimulating effect. Find out what lies behind the different colors of clothing.


Let’s start with the most basic and brightest color of clothes, white. First of all, it is a symbol of purity and innocence. Unlike its opposite black, it is associated with goodness.

White clothes have a harmonizing effect. They soothe, calm down and have a soothing effect. In excess, however, they can be overwhelming, and through their coldness and sterility, cause a sense of alienation. What is important, white is a neutral, very universal color, therefore such elements of clothing go well with other things and can be successfully combined with everything.


Black is obviously a contrasting color to white. For this reason it evokes opposite emotions – sadness, grief or anger. It is associated with evil and evokes death.

When it comes to clothing, black has many uses. Black clothing is traditionally worn during mourning, for example. It is an expressive color, therefore it is also associated with self-confidence and a sense of power, but also rebellion. It can be used to emphasize one’s authority. Black clothes are also synonymous with elegance and at the same time they can be tempting, seductive and add mystery. Be careful with black, however, because in too large doses it can be depressing.


Time for another strong color, namely red. Its meaning is focused around bravery and energy and in this way it influences your mood. Red clothes are good to wear when we need to be mobilized and energetic. At the same time it helps to forget tiredness and doubt and even raises blood pressure. People dressed in red are perceived as feisty, bold and characterful. In the right circumstances, with just a few accessories, red can make us feel extremely sensual. People who are nervous or temperamental should steer clear of red-coloured clothing because it emphasises their fiery temper even more.


Green is the color of peace, optimism and balance. Clothes in this color relieve tension, reduce stress and relax and people who wear it are perceived as warm, cheerful and trustworthy. It has also been found to have positive effects on health as it harmonizes and has a restorative effect.


Blue can have a similar effect to green, i.e. it calms and lowers blood pressure. Clothes in this color are often chosen for work because of their use and delicacy. They add class and elegance. They also bring to mind qualities such as reliability and loyalty. Moreover, it is supposed to be beneficial for efficiency and improve concentration.


Yellow is one of the most optimistic colors. People who wear clothes in this color are characterized as friendly, cheerful and full of life, as well as enjoying company. Yellow is also said to be good for the thinking process, making it easier to focus and even improving memory.

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