Party style – how to match shoes with a dress?
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Party style – how to match shoes with a dress?

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Are you getting ready for the carnival? Or maybe you are going to an elegant, corporate event and want to impress everyone with your fashionable style? Whatever the occasion, it is worth knowing the basic rules of matching shoes to the dress to create a unique and unforgettable outfit. If you, like us, look for dazzling party wear and phenomenal party shoes every time with baked goods on your face, be sure to read on. We’ve got a few tips to clear up your doubts.

Go for classics – shoes that go with everything

Don’t you like breaking your head over color matching shoes with your dress? Do not waste your precious time – together with bet on classics, which never go out of fashion! Conjure up a beautiful styling with nude or flesh-coloured shoes, which fit all dresses, regardless of their length, style and cut. Because they’re the same color as your skin, they don’t stand out and catch your eye while you show off your dream outfit. Do you prefer darker colors? Alternatively, black shoes can be an effective alternative, even with pastel dresses.

Choices for the Brave – Contrast

If you don’t like conservative choices and want to stand out with luxury designer shoes and a new dress, combine them by contrast. What does that mean? Wear gold stilettos with a black dress, pair red pumps with navy blue fabric and always stand out from the crowd. But try to avoid overdoing it – if you feel like wearing an extravagant dress, wear classic stilettos, and if your outfit is rather conservative, look for unusual shoes that will complete your outfit. Less is more. Both classic and a bit more original models are offered by Geox brand, which is available on our website

What kind of shoes go with evening and cocktail dresses?

Planning to go all night long on the dance floor? Wear stiletto heels or high-heeled pumps, which are difficult to make a fashion mistake in. Want to elongate your legs? Choose a pointed toe model. If you want to create a fashionable style for the summer, match your evening dress with elegant sandals by the prestigious brand Patrizia Pepe, which will add lightness to your look. They are also perfect for ladies who like richly decorated shoes

Don’t like heeled shoes? There is nothing stopping you from wearing luxury ballerinas to match your outfit. However, they must be made of high quality materials with a timeless look. You should also have them in your handbag, waiting for the moment when your feet refuse to cooperate. After all, why would you stop having fun at a party just because of your shoes?

Shoes that are better worn on other occasions

Considering wearing boots? They’re not standard for cocktail dresses or evening wear, so if the event requires you to dress appropriately or you don’t like to stand out from other women, save them for other occasions. Boots are also not elegant enough for an evening dress, but if you’re celebrating an important event with your loved ones and it’s very cold outside, you can reach for elegant, knee-length models that will add sex appeal.

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