How to slim your silhouette optically? 3 sure-fire tricks
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How to slim your silhouette optically? 3 sure-fire tricks

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Properly chosen clothes can really do a lot of good. Thanks to it you can model your figure and emphasize your assets, you can also hide all your imperfections

Choose tailored cut and style of clothes

If you want to slim down your figure, it is worth giving up loose-fitting clothes. Try to choose tight-fitting clothes. However, they should not be too tight. Try on a particular piece of clothing before you buy it, or check your measurements when ordering online. It is good to choose simple and minimalistic cuts. It is good to get a blouse with a heart neckline, which makes your neck look longer and slimmer

If you often wear jeans, choose high-waisted ones. They optically slim your figure, and are also very comfortable to wear. They will improve the look of not only legs, but also belly. Beware of rolling up the legs, because it gives a heavy effect. It is better to go to a seamstress in order to shorten pants that are too long. Remember that for such jeans, it is advisable to opt for a blouse to be tucked in. This is also a trick that you should know and use on a daily basis

In case you have slightly looser clothes in your closet, it is a good idea to mark your waist, for example with a belt. This will be especially useful with oversize dresses. Then it will look more fitted and designed perfectly for you. With loose-fitting dresses, it is important to keep the right proportions. If you opt for a wide top, match them with tight pants. Remember to match your shoes to your outfit. Shoes with a slight rise will look good. Match them with the color of your clothes to create a perfect look

Buy shaping underwear

It is also worth getting special slimming underwear. It will hide all your weaknesses and emphasize your assets. If you choose the right size, it will be very comfortable. You can choose for example a special body

Slimming underwear is ideal for dresses that fit you perfectly, for example. It is often seamless, so you do not have to worry about it looking unsightly under your clothes. A good idea for a quick slimming effect is to buy the right tights. They model the legs and hide imperfections in the hip and waist area. This is a tried and tested method recommended by many people

Use slimming colors and patterns

You should choose your outfits in cold and subdued colors. Black is very desirable in this case. You can break it up with lighter elements. To look slimmer, you should choose dark jeans, for example, instead of light ones. If you wear high-waisted jeans, they will make your legs look longer. Black or any other darker, solid color will also look good. In this case you can choose for example women’s suits. Don’t bet on contrasting colors, combining the top with the bottom

If you want to look slimmer, avoid flashy patterns, especially in the lower body. Rather than a patterned skirt, go for a plain and muted color. This is a safer choice. In case you want to slim your legs, don’t pay special attention to them when choosing specific items of clothing. The exception is the vertical stripe pattern, which works very positively on the perception of the silhouette. Also avoid large frills and shiny fabrics. They also bring an undesirable effect.

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