How to be more assertive at the table?

How to be more assertive at the table?

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Have you switched to a diet since the new year, but don’t know how to say no to cake at Grandma’s? Do you want to start eating vegetarian or vegan, but don’t know how to tell your family about it? Or maybe you’ve been suffering from intolerance to certain foods for a long time, but find it hard to say no?

A new year begins, and you have a list of resolutions: giving up sweets, introducing a balanced diet, eliminating meat or avoiding foods that definitely do not serve you, cause bloating and bad mood. The key to success is to let your loved ones know about your plans so that they support you in your efforts. However, what to do when at the table you start endlessly proposing all the dishes you don’t feel like eating?

1. Explain to your loved ones why you want to eat differently from now on

If you’ve been eating everything your mother, grandmother or aunt offered you, refusing everything from one day to the next may worry your family and friends. What’s more, not knowing the reasons for your sudden change, they may in good faith encourage you to eat whatever you don’t feel like eating or can’t eat for various reasons. Therefore, it is worth explaining to your loved ones that from now on you don’t want to eat sweets, you are going on a diet, or you simply want to eat vegan. It is also worth to justify your decision – you can say that you want to do it for your health, well-being or to lose a few extra pounds.

2. Say that it is important to you

Are your relatives not convinced that you want to lose weight because they think you look good? Do they think that a vegan or vegan diet is a fad? Or maybe they assure you that one piece of cake will not hurt you?

Remember not to react with aggression to such taunts, but try to show your loved ones how important this is to you. Tell them that losing a few pounds will make you feel more confident, that you will be physically fit, or that your test results will improve. It’s a good idea to calmly explain to your family why this is important to you and that you want them to respect your decision.

3. Say no firmly

If, after all, the previous two points have failed, it is essential that you try to politely but firmly refuse to eat things that you do not want to eat for various reasons. This will not only allow you to become a confident person who knows what she wants, but you will also show your family your determination and independence. Remember, it’s your life, you have the right to make your own choices and feel happy.

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