Ways to grow as a person if you only have a quarter of an hour a day
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Ways to grow as a person if you only have a quarter of an hour a day

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Living on the run certainly makes it difficult to develop interests and learn new things. However, if you manage to set aside at least a quarter of an hour a day, you can really accomplish a lot.

Fifteen minutes is not much in a day. Anyone can really find at least that much time each day for useful entertainment. All you have to do is get up a moment earlier or quit browsing social media. If you set aside at least a quarter of an hour each day for one of the following activities, you will ensure your personal development!

Read online articles

Although the Internet is full of fake news and articles of dubious credibility, you can also find many valuable texts. A quarter of an hour a day is all it takes to read an interesting interview or article on a subject that interests you.

Maybe you have always loved history or you are passionate about the culture of other countries? You’re sure to find fascinating blogs or specialized magazines on the web on this topic to develop your hobby.

Listen to a podcast

If your quarter of an hour for personal development falls on your commute to work, listen instead of reading! Nowadays, it’s easy to download many free podcast apps to your cell phones, which offer access to a huge range of fascinating material. You can really learn a lot from them while riding the bus or going to work or the store. This short but intensive dose of knowledge will definitely help you develop your interests and broaden your horizons.

Learn vocabulary in a foreign language

You’ll get even more out of your quarter if the podcast you’re listening to is recorded in a foreign language. However, if you don’t feel up to the challenge yet, try spending those fifteen minutes learning new vocabulary or repeating grammar rules. Even such a small effort can help you master a foreign language. The most important thing here is to be systematic, so remember to consolidate your knowledge and don’t skip these short lessons.

Keep a diary

Do you think of diaries only in your teenage years, when you wrote in a notebook about your crushes and hid all your secrets? Maybe it’s time to change that view. Putting your emotions and thoughts about the day on paper is a great way to deal with stress. So if you take a quarter of an hour to analyze your experiences and write them down in detail, you will get to know yourself better. This in turn will directly affect your personal development.

Call a loved one

Personal development is not only about gaining new skills and learning, but also about nurturing relationships with loved ones. A person needs contact with others, so at least once a week take a quarter of an hour to talk to someone important to you

Call your parents, grandparents or friends who inspire and support you every day. You will appreciate their efforts and nurture your special relationship. You will certainly develop your interpersonal skills by doing so.

Think about the future

Planning for the future may seem like a waste of time, but it is not worth giving up on this activity altogether. Although life is unpredictable, you don’t have to rely on blind luck. Once in a while, take a quarter of an hour to write down your dreams and goals. Then think about what you can do to achieve them.

This will help you take concrete action and make success possible. Defining your goal will also help you pin down exactly what it is worth spending your daily quarter of an hour dedicated to personal development on.

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