Productivity can be learned. Learn the habits of productive people
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Productivity can be learned. Learn the habits of productive people

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Productivity is a very important trait. It makes us perform our daily duties much faster and more efficiently. Then we also have time for other activities. Therefore, it is worth learning it. However, how to do it? Certainly, developing specific habits will work best. Here’s how to learn productivity!

Productivity, an important characteristic of a modern person

When asked what productivity is, most people answer that they associate it with perfectionism and workaholism. It is also assumed that someone who is productive is maximally focused on the task at hand and cannot be spontaneous.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Productivity actually floats around the theme of working quickly and efficiently and completing assigned tasks, but this is due to the desire to have time for spontaneous behavior. This allows you to make the most of your time to work, and then enjoy blissful freedom. Effective achievement of goals gives you a lot of satisfaction, and also makes you feel free. However, how do you learn to do this?

1. Set a goal for yourself

A calendar will certainly come in handy. People who plan and set goals to achieve within a certain period of time, try to complete them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to write down tasks for a given day, or even week or month. You can even set them according to a specific time. If you stick to this, we guarantee that your life will become simpler and your work more efficient.

2. Value your time – don’t waste it

Proper planning is closely linked to productivity. If your calendar states that you have to complete certain activities within a certain time, it’s worth sticking to it. Spreading yourself thin can only make you feel frustrated and resentful of the task assigned to you by your employer. This doesn’t only apply to work, also in terms of life it’s a good idea to write down important family events or meetings with friends, this will make it more organized. You can then use an online planner or choose the traditional method of a paper planner.

3. Set yourself the so-called 3 MITs

What does this mean? It refers to the 3 most important things to accomplish on a given day. It’s a good idea to determine in advance what you need to complete and what can be postponed to another day. That way you will be able to spread out all the tasks over time so that you don’t waste the whole day running between one task and another.

4. “Golden hour”, or an important part of the day

If you want your day to be orderly and all the tasks to be completed quickly enough, it is worth setting yourself a so-called “golden hour. This is the moment during the day that determines the time when you perform the most important tasks, i.e. those that have the highest priority. Ideally, it should be a fixed hour, every day. Stabilizing your work day in this way, will enable you to achieve your goals quickly enough. After a short period of time it will become a habit for you. It is important to give your head time to switch to the right mode of operation.

5. Put down the phone, or get rid of distractions

According to research, what significantly reduces productivity are so-called distractions. We’re talking about phones, which contain a mass of apps and content that our brains find more attractive than strenuous work. Checking your phone every 10-15 minutes makes you distracted from the task at hand, and then you have to spend more minutes to refocus on it. If possible, it’s a good idea to mute your private phone and put it away in another room so that it doesn’t attract your attention and tempt you.

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