Makeup for special tasks. How to make it last all day long

Makeup for special tasks. How to make it last all day long

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When it comes to makeup, we all want it to stay put all day long, no matter what the weather or the activity. In today’s post we will show you some of the proven tricks to make your makeup last longer.

Proven tricks to make your make-up last longer

How do you keep your makeup looking great for hours? Here are some tips and tricks used by top makeup artists

To make sure your makeup looks perfect no matter what the occasion, you should first prepare your skin properly. This includes exfoliating the dead skin cells and applying a cream tailored to your skin’s individual needs. After about 30 minutes, degrease the skin with a toner or micellar solution. Note: These cosmetics should not contain alcohol in their composition. Otherwise, they may contribute to excessive skin oiliness.

The first layer – the base

Every make-up lover’s make-up bag should include a make-up base. It is a very practical product that is designed to effectively extend the life of make-up. The base prepares the skin to accept the foundation. On store shelves you can find various types of cosmetics of this type. We may have to do with smoothing or matting bases. An interesting alternative for colourless products are those in various shades, which are adjusted to the skin color.

Nothing stands in the way of using the base every day – whether it is a day make-up or evening make-up. It will not affect the condition of your skin in a negative way. It is worth to reach for products containing vitamins and plant extracts with nourishing properties.

What else is worth knowing about such a base? It should be applied on previously cleansed facial skin. Thanks to this we are able to restore its natural pH, as a result of which it will be able to accept the base well. After applying the product, wait a few minutes until it is completely absorbed. This way you can achieve the effect of matte, perfectly smooth skin.

Fix your make-up with a fixative

To keep your make-up looking perfect all day long, it is advisable to apply a special fixing spray, also known as a fixer or fixative. How do I use it to make sure it does the job properly? The key is the correct way to apply the spray. Lift your face up and spray the fixer from a distance of about 30 cm. Three to four sprays are enough. The fixer should not be used every day. It is best to use this type of cosmetic only before big events; such as a carnival ball or a party at a club.

To make your makeup last longer, it is also worth getting mattifying blotting papers. They are perfect for when your makeup does not look as good after a few hours as it did right after applying it. Place them on the parts of your skin that are too shiny and then gently apply some powder.

You can include baking in your daily makeup rituals as a proven way to make your makeup last longer. How it works You apply foundation on your face and then pat loose powder into your skin, using a damp sponge. Wait about 3 minutes and remove excess powder with a brush. This procedure is a proven way to achieve perfectly matte skin throughout the day. Be careful not to do it too often. It can be drying for your skin.

What else should you keep in mind to keep your make-up looking perfect for many hours? Make sure you have waterproof mascara, foundation, eyeliner and eye pencil in your make-up bag. This is a great solution for wet, rainy days.

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