Why is it important to work with the breath?
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Why is it important to work with the breath?

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Skillful breathing allows us to calm down, relax or control our emotions. Moreover, it properly oxygenates us, allows us to concentrate and focus quickly, and is indispensable during physical exercises. So find out how to practice your breathing.

Are you unbalanced by a boss or client at work? Do you have difficulty concentrating? Do you suffer from insomnia? Or are you often short of breath? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s a sign that you need breathing exercises. These are an ideal introduction to meditation, so if you have tried to meditate, but it did not work, after breathing exercises will come much easier.

First of all, try to breathe with your diaphragm, so more air will go into your lungs, and you will already feel oxygenated. Another exercise is to lie down on the floor. Spread out comfortably, and then take a deep breath in, hold the air for a moment, and exhale. Repeat this several times, and after a while, tension, stress, and anxiety will diminish. You should do this exercise when you are tired of intrusive thoughts that do not allow you to focus on your work.

Deep breathing can be done before bedtime to help you fall asleep faster or while walking to help you feel refreshed and energized when you return home.

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