How to check external links leading to a website?
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How to check external links leading to a website?

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Modern commerce has little in common with what it looked like at the beginning of the 21st century, when most shoppers made their purchases in small or larger stationary outlets scattered around the city. Today, the world of commerce and services has changed beyond recognition. Most entrepreneurs have shifted the center of their earnings to the web, where it is much easier to start a business without much financial outlay, there is no need to rent premises or hire employees for direct service. What’s more, even when You don’t know how to operate online, companies such as Las Vegas SEO agency or SEO services New York are here to help. Along with e-commerce came new possibilities such as support of lead generation services and problems – the inability to compete with much larger companies. The only solution to this problem and also a weapon to fight with the low popularity of the site in the network is positioning.

Why is SEO so important in today’s world of e-commerce?

The SEO process, as SEO leaders say, is the most important marketing activity in the modern world of e-commerce. It is about improving the position of a selected website in Google search engine and is the most important tool in the hands of an entrepreneur relying on online sales. This process is difficult, multi-step, time-consuming and prone to many mistakes, which is why it is usually carried out only by the best SEO specialists like SEO services New York offering lead generation services , including freelancers, while some also decide to act independently. A website with no history in Google lands at the bottom of the search results and thus does not generate any traffic – to change this, the process of positioning is implemented.

Links leading to your website are particularly important

The scope of activities included in the positioning consists of many different activities divided into two basic stages. The first are on-site activities, which are carried out directly on the website – examples are lead generation services, and the second are off-site activities performed outside the website, which include a thorough analysis of external links leading to the selected website. 

For the Google search engine, the number of links leading to a website is of paramount importance for its evaluation and positioning among others. This is because the algorithm considers such a website as trustworthy and more professional, which often manifests itself on other pages, e.g. in the form of citations or recommended sites. Linking not without a reason is evaluated as a basic building of popularity. 

Las Vegas SEO agency says – You should be aware that the link to your site must be on a trustworthy site and preferably one with a good search engine history. If the hyperlink is on an unpopular site or one that is ranked poorly by Google itself, it will not work in your favor. How to check external links leading to a website? It turns out that there are many programs Las Vegas SEO agency can recommend, such as:

  • MajesticSEO. This program performs an in-depth and detailed analysis of all links leading to your site. You can evaluate, among other things, the number of backlinks, exact anchors or the quality of a given site and its ranking.
  • Another program, without which positioning will not be effective. You can check basically every parameter regarding links to your website, including the number of domains and the position of your website in the search engine.
  • Google Search Console – highly recommended by SEO services New York webmasters. A free tool from Google itself that works quite well for superficial evaluation of inbound links. You can easily check a particular domain and the number of links that are on it.

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  • Kristin Cross 18.08.2022

    You explained perfectly why SEO is so important in today’s world of e-commerce. I would also add that without positioning, it would be difficult to reach customers on the Internet. Being visible in the search engine is the only chance of being noticed by users. Fortunately, we have Search Engine Optimization that provides a plethora of tools to make this task easier. We can use online programs like MajesticSEO, Google Search Console,, which were recommended in your article. However, since we are talking about tools, I would recommend a few from myself. I most often use Google Analytics, Senuto and Google Keyword Planner, and I think it’s worth trying them out.

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