Affirmations – how to use them to have the desired effect?

Affirmations – how to use them to have the desired effect?

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Opinions on affirmations are very divided. Some believe that they are ineffective. Others believe that affirmations speed up the realization of dreams. See for yourself what impact it can have on your life!

Affirmations are positive thoughts about yourself, the people around you and the world in general. These simple sentences are meant to accelerate the realization of your dreams. They also reinforce the belief that nothing is impossible. It may seem absurd and does not bring anything into our lives. Well, it is worth trying affirmations and see if they really work

How to use affirmations correctly?

Many people think that creating affirmations is not particularly difficult. However, before you start using this practice, think carefully about what your goal is. The moment you define your affirmations well, they will become an opportunity for real change in your life. Repeating affirmations regularly will help you achieve your dreams – by changing your attitude it will be easier to change your job for a better one, improve your financial status or take a long trip in your dream car. Practicing affirmations will help raise your self-esteem and strengthen your positive personality traits. Above all, you need to be regular and persistent

Is it worth using affirmations?

Affirmations are actually words that motivate our psyche and promote the realization of dreams. Although by themselves they will not make us have a new car, change our job or gain more money, they can effectively change our thinking and make it easier to make decisions that will bring us closer to our goals. With affirmations, we begin to see many things differently. The exercises associated with this practice are designed to make us realize that we should not give up at the first adversity, but persistently pursue our goals, because nothing is impossible. With affirmations, you will gain a sense of control over your life. Affirmations can be extremely helpful for people who want to gain distance and start taking advantage of opportunities to change

How long do I have to work with affirmations to get results?

There is no specific time after which the affirmations will bring the desired results – it is a very individual matter. The most important thing is to be patient and not give up. Some people are more susceptible and see positive changes faster, while others have to work longer. Practicing with affirmations is good to start with one clearly defined goal. Once you have achieved it, you can start working on the next affirmation. It is worth remembering that you can affirm not only the possession of material things, change of job, but also a certain well-being, successful relationships or favorable circumstances

How to create affirmations to be effective?

When using affirmations you should use the present tense in the accomplished mode. For example, instead of saying “I will be happy” it is better to repeat the phrase “I am happy”. Another important thing is to avoid sentences with negation, that is, containing the word “not” or emphasizing lack. Instead of saying; “I am not stressed”, use “I am calm”. Use clear and specific messages

When creating affirmations, remember to make your desires realistic so that you believe in what you are affirming. Instead of saying: “I am confident”, tell yourself “I am more confident every day”. The affirmations should be repeated with conviction several or more times, preferably out loud to yourself in the mirror or at least in a whisper. Alternatively, you can also repeat the affirmations in your mind before going to bed or just after waking up. It is also a good idea to end your meditation practice. Affirmations are a tool for a profound shift in thinking that any of us can experience.

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