Burnout and decreased energy – find out how to remedy it!

Burnout and decreased energy – find out how to remedy it!

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Does winter, short days and a pandemic that has been going on for almost a year leave you feeling burnt out? This condition is unfortunately common for many people. It manifests itself in fatigue, problems with concentration, a feeling of drowsiness and a lack of desire to work and be active. If you’ve been in this state for a while, it’s a good idea to take a look at yourself and find out what’s causing the problem. You may find that all it takes is a few small changes to give you back your zest for life.

The feeling of burnout affects many people, especially when they are under stress and have too many responsibilities. The body says “stop” at some point, which is why it is so important to take the time to sleep, relax, and enjoy your passions and pleasures. We suggest what you can do to feel the energy in your body and be a happy and full of life person again. There are several proven techniques to help you overcome feelings of burnout. Find out how to implement them into your daily schedule

Burnout – lack of desire and energy for action

Energy drops and worse periods in life are normal and there is no need to feel guilty when you need a few days of reset. The problem arises when the symptoms of fatigue and burnout intensify and we are unable to motivate ourselves to act despite wanting to. Prolonged impaired concentration, lack of satisfaction with life, and general irritability and disengagement can make it difficult for us to function normally and perform our duties. It is impossible to be an effective employee when all we dream about during work is a nap and a warm blanket. Chronic fatigue and lack of strength can be overwhelming and demotivating

Enjoy the little things

It turns out that the most effective way to cope with burnout and despondency is to find something to take your mind off everyday life. A break may be a meeting with a friend, relaxing yoga or sinking into your favorite reading. These seemingly small things stimulate us to action and make us happy. When we have a lot of responsibilities and our work is stressful, we need to find the right balance by finding time for pleasure and relaxation. Sleeping late on weekends and then watching movies and TV series may not be a sufficient form of relaxation. It is worth planning activities in your weekly or even daily schedule that actually have a positive impact on your energy levels and life satisfaction. Walking, conscious breathing, meditation, regenerative bathing or a valuable conversation with a loved one can have a beneficial effect on us

Nature and its influence on our well-being

A great help in overcoming the feeling of burnout can be more frequent contact with nature. Walks in the forest, watching birds or gardening can significantly affect our mood and improve health. Spending time outside oxygenates the body and observing nature makes us feel happier. A great way to improve your condition is to combine the contact with the natural environment and practicing a sport. Movement in the fresh air relaxes the body, reduces stress and eliminates the feeling of fatigue. It can be cycling, jogging, or light gymnastics on the grass

Daily rhythm and good habits

In order to cope with depression, it is a good idea to introduce into your life a rhythm of the day adapted to you. Waking up and going to bed at a regular time can not only have a great impact on our health, but also improve our level of satisfaction and contentment. A good change can be new eating habits. What foods we eat throughout the day can determine whether we feel sluggish or full of strength and vitality. Planning your day can be a wonderful tool to help you achieve even small goals. It’s a good idea to find some time each day just for yourself, which you can spend meditating or keeping a journal. Experts also recommend limiting the time we spend browsing social media. While scrolling the screen, we turn off our thoughts, but it is not an effective and valuable rest for our body and mind

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