What is a dream map? Anyone can create one!

What is a dream map? Anyone can create one!

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A dream map helps you realize your goals, plans and desires. It is a graphic representation of your needs. It is incredibly easy to prepare a tool that effectively motivates self-development. What’s more, each of us can make our own.

What is a dream map?

Dream map has its origins in the psychology of personal development. It is a graphic representation of desires, goals and aspirations. It is a fully individualized image, everyone can put on it something different, or even create it from scratch. From a psychological point of view, a dream map mobilizes to the realization of goals and aspirations. Each task has a due date – this adds to the enthusiasm for ticking it off. A map is tangible evidence that documents your progress toward your goals. Don’t include dreams alone – those are too big a goal. Usually maps are created with the idea of dividing goals into smaller tasks. Then their realization does not seem so distant, and each ticked off task pleases even more and mobilizes for further development. In practice a dream map is

  • graphical representation of dreams and goals,
  • definition of what we want to achieve, get and realize,
  • activating our subconsciousness to focus on the realized tasks

In many personal development workshops it is said that a dream map is an order we give to the world, presented in a graphic form

What does a dream map look like?

A dream map is created for a specific period of time. It can be a year, 3 months or even 3 years. Everything depends on our plans and goals. If these are long-term tasks, then it is reasonable to make a map even for several years. However, if they are simple dreams, then a shorter period of time such as a year or 6 months is more mobilizing. Depending on your needs, you can make several dream maps. Most often two are made: one relating to personal dreams, the other to professional goals. However, you are free to choose – everything depends on the hierarchy of values or areas of life that are important to us. The technique of making the graphic is also free. It can be cut out, drawn or even created in a computer program. You can also paste in inspiring photos or images that will help you achieve your goal. During this work you should carefully choose graphics, because they will be the shape of our dreams for the next months. They should reassure us that what we are working on is really important. The main purpose of the map is to set priorities and organize life. It doesn’t make sense to put everything we can think of on it. Often these are plans that have entered our thoughts for a while, only to leave them a few days later. Don’t clutter up your map with them; it needs to be clear and practical

How to create a dream map?

First, we need to determine what values are most important to us. Each important area of life is connected in some way to another that seems quite separate from it. Family life permeates work and career development, while social life influences feelings of acceptance and appreciation. The fields should have different colors – for example, it is recommended to reserve red for family, blue for career, and orange for social life. Then when we look at the map we have clarity, plans are not mixed up and it is easy to establish the hierarchy of their implementation. Besides, if there are no colors on the graphic, we are likely to find ourselves in a situation where a certain area of our life is neglected. The dream map is used to find your way, realize your desires and prioritize. When creating it, it is important to concentrate as much as possible. You will not make a good dream map if you do not define what is most important to you. Before you start, ask yourself

  • Who is important to me?
  • Who do I want to see in my life in 10 years?
  • Where do I want to be in 5 years?

It is recommended that you find the answers to these while creating your first ever map

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