What are the figure and well-being benefits of learning to dance?
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What are the figure and well-being benefits of learning to dance?

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As physiotherapists and dance teachers point out, any form of activity done under the guidance of instructors is beneficial to both your figure and your well-being.

Whether you go for fiery salsa or prefer contemporary dance, the effects of regular attendance can be delightful. It is a great way to spend your free time as well as improve your health and implement the habit of proper posture. Many people choose dance classes as an alternative to boring gym classes or tiring jogging. Dancing is a fantastic way to lose weight and develop a beautiful figure. During the classes we can also meet interesting people, have fun and express ourselves and our emotions through dancing. Studies show that dance has therapeutic properties and influence on both physical and mental health

8 benefits of attending a dance class

  1. Improve cardiovascular function

Dancing is a form of activity recommended especially for people who are at risk of cardiovascular disease, because movement through dance improves health, heart function and has a positive effect on the regulation of breathing. While dancing, all muscle parts are activated, and thus properly oxygenated. Research shows that dancing can be an even better way to improve health than cycling or walking

  1. There is no upper or lower age limit

Going to dance classes is not reserved only for young people. Often it is seniors who choose this form of spending time and on retirement begin the adventure with dancing. It is also an excellent form of entertainment for children, who love to move to the rhythm of music

  1. The way to a slim figure

People who want to lose weight and are looking for an interesting form of activity can find themselves in dancing. Due to the fact that dance schools offer a whole range of different classes, there is a good chance that everyone will find something for themselves. The condition for losing weight, however, is to attend classes regularly.

  1. Reducing stress levels

Dancing is an excellent form of relieving negative emotions and thus reducing stress. Thanks to the fact that our whole body is involved in this activity, we can relax and improve our mood during classes. In the training room you can work through many problems with the help of movement and return home with a completely different attitude to life

  1. Improving strength and endurance

Dancing is a great way to increase your flexibility. The body in dance is forced to support us in different poses, so with each class our strength and endurance improve. After a few weeks of regular training you will already notice a significant difference. It is important to remember that each dance class should begin with a proper warm-up of the whole body

  1. Impact on self-confidence

People who can dance and look great on the dance floor usually have a lot of self-confidence. The beginning of the adventure with dancing is often a form of breaking through and an expression of great courage. Along with the development of skills, self-esteem and self-confidence grows. The courage and self-confidence gained in dance school classes later translate into other areas of life

  1. Memory improvement

In a dance class, unless it is an improvisation class, there is a specific routine that course participants must memorize. Research shows that learning the steps and reenacting the moves, once presented by the instructor, is a great way to jog memory. This makes dancing an activity that stimulates and creates new connections between cells in the brain. Thus, it is an excellent union of sport with mental exercise

  1. Making it easier to make new friends

Dance classes are usually held in groups. Because dancing brings lots of laughter and positive energy, it is easy to get in touch with other students during lessons. People who go to dance classes together often start to meet outside the training room. Sometimes a great way to spend time together is to go to a club to dance together

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