How do you motivate yourself to make lifestyle changes?
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How do you motivate yourself to make lifestyle changes?

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You must have tried to lose weight, exercise regularly and eat healthy. Probably more than once your attempts ended in nothing and you were back to square one. This time it may be different! Learn our tips on how to motivate yourself and persevere with your resolutions. Don’t wait – start acting today!

Act in a group!

You would like to start acting, but you don’t have enough enthusiasm? Or maybe you are afraid that you will not be able to keep your resolutions for too long? Remember that it is always easier in a group. Find at least one soul mate with whom you will drive each other to action, share failures, advice and successes achieved.

If there is no one like that in your environment, you can also look for support on social networks. In this way you can exchange photos, training plans with friends from the other side of the world.

Rely on the help of professionals!

The most important step to change your lifestyle is to be willing. If you decide that you want to lose weight or live healthier, take the next step – seek support. Do not act on your own, not to do yourself more harm than good.

Seek help from a specialist. Unfortunately, the causes of obesity, permanent excess weight and bad mood can be many, so it is worth recognizing the source of the problem and adjusting the appropriate action. If you want to reduce high body weight, it is not enough to consult a dietician. A complex approach in terms of physical, psychological and genetic predispositions is useful here.

It is worth taking advantage of the knowledge of specialists – a personal trainer, nutritional psychologist and bariatric surgeon. Such consultations will allow you to lose weight effectively and safely for your health without the yo-yo effect.

Prepare yourself properly!

Make sure that your enthusiasm for action does not disappear after a few days. Proper preparation for a lifestyle change is very important. Start by setting a start date. It will help you if you don’t have any family events planned in the next three weeks, during which you will be tempted by sugary snacks and unhealthy dishes

If your refrigerator is full of forbidden foods, give yourself a week to empty it. You don’t have to throw it out or eat excessive amounts of it – you can just give it away. Now go shopping with a list of the foods on your new menu. Don’t go overboard with your food shopping; it’s enough if you stock up for the next few days. By sticking to a specific list, you won’t buy unhealthy snacks, so it will go much easier for you to quit.

Don’t forget the little pleasures!

Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one doesn’t only mean a restrictive diet and draconian exercises. Combine the pleasant with the useful. Take care of small pleasures in your metamorphosis. Sign up for a firming treatment at the beauty salon, go shopping for new, comfortable sports shoes, or simply organize a barbecue with friends, where vegetables and healthy snacks will play the first fiddle.

Try to see as many positives as possible in the planned change. Don’t expect immediate results. If you approach a new challenge and get rid of bad habits in this way, you will not only improve your physical condition, but your psyche will be happy as well

Take control of your habits!

Small sins can creep into your menu unnoticed. It may seem that a bar of chocolate or a piece of raspberry cake has never made anyone fat. However, according to research, even 100 kcal a day more than your body needs can put on 5 extra kilos in a year.

Increase your chances of sticking to your diet. Whether you’re eating a pear or a chocolate-covered waffle, be diligent about keeping track of everything. A meticulously kept journal will make it easier for you to control your eating habits and change habits that don’t serve you.

It will also be a good source of knowledge for specialists, who will be able to identify your mistakes and arrange a suitable menu, tailored to the needs of your body and culinary tastes.

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