EMS – a modern form of training for the active woman
Physical form

EMS – a modern form of training for the active woman

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Do you have no time to work out at the gym? There is a more effective way to lose weight and keep fit, and even get rid of chronic back pain! Try EMS training and see the benefits for yourself.

What it is

What is EMS training and why should you try it? Electro-Muscular Stimulation is an innovative exercise method that is becoming more and more popular every day. No wonder! It allows you to burn up to 1200 kcal during one session, while not overloading your body. Just half an hour of EMS training twice a week will give the same results as five hour and a half sessions of traditional gym exercises

Why does personal training with the use of electrostimulation give such spectacular results? It is all thanks to a special exercise costume, which has electrodes built into it. They deliver electric impulses directly to the muscles, resembling signals coming from the nervous system. It is thanks to them that the training is so effective and not equal to the hours spent at the gym. In addition, it stimulates the ten main muscle parts simultaneously, which guarantees amazing results without the need to reach for weights.

For whom

The short answer is – almost anyone! Training under the supervision of a qualified professional (pay attention to the presence of a certificate of completion of the Academy of Trainers at the studio where you sign up for exercise) is safe and tailored to your abilities. Naturally, as with any physical activity, there are some contraindications. First of all, however, they are related to the specifics of EMS training and the use of electrical impulses during exercise. This is why this method is not recommended for pregnant women, people with pacemakers and those suffering from cancer. However, issues such as fitness, age or gender are irrelevant. It is an exercise for more or less experienced people, which will work not only for you, but also for your partner. In this case they can be an interesting form of spending time together.

What are the effects?

Unlike traditional exercises in the gym, in the case of personal training with the use of electrostimulation, you will notice the first effects already at the beginning of your journey! Naturally, with regular sessions the results of the exercises will be more spectacular and will last longer, that’s why you should decide to buy a package, which will be a great motivation to undertake further physical activity.

What results can you expect with regular trainings with the use of electrostimulation?

  • Significant improvement in your condition,
  • improved circulation,
  • improvement of skin firmness and reduction of cellulite,
  • reduction of back problems,
  • reduction of body fat
  • and increased muscle endurance.

EMS training is ideal for the modern woman who cares about her body and mind, but still suffers from a chronic lack of time. This type of physical activity will not take up much space in your schedule, and yet it will provide you with spectacular results and greater motivation to take on daily challenges. After all, exercise is not just a way to burn a few calories, but above all a way to relieve stress, clear your mind and gain strength for the rest of the day. Decide for a personal training with the use of electrostimulation and find out how much you can gain by incorporating regular visits to MEON EMS studio into your everyday life.

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