Gold or silver makeup accent? Find out which one works better for your skin type

Gold or silver makeup accent? Find out which one works better for your skin type

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Depending on what type of beauty you represent, you can choose the right makeup to match it. Different colors suit people with warm skin tones and those with cooler skin tones. Let’s find out what works best for your type – gold or silver makeup!

What type of beauty do you represent?

Women as well as men can be divided into different beauty types. It is important to choose your clothes and make-up according to this. As the New Year’s Eve festivities draw near, it may be a good idea to find out what looks best on you – gold or silver.

Type of beauty: Summer

This time of year is associated with warmth and also with strong colors in nature. However, the summer type is considered to be one of the cooler types. Women who represent this type usually have somewhat darker hair, eyes and complexion. All with a touch of grey. Therefore, this type includes people with grey blonde, platinum or even greyish brown hair. Of course, we are talking about natural, undyed hair. As for the eyes, they are gray, gray-green or gray-blue, or even dark blue. The skin takes on a pale milky or slightly olive color. Silver accents will match these tones, as well as slightly powdery ones. Everything in cool grey tones.

Type of Beauty: Spring

People who represent this type of beauty have a warm, delicate complexion, which usually tans a brown color. Women with this type often have beautiful golden freckles. Their hair color, on the other hand, is extremely varied. Hair colour ranges from light blonde to reddish to honey and very dark blonde. There are also light browns and walnut-colored hair. The same applies to the eyes. A spring woman can have all eye colors but with less intensity. In this case, gold should be used in the make-up to enhance the hair and skin color and to bring out the beauty in the eyes.

Type of beauty: Autumn

Ladies who have this type of beauty are characterized by a light complexion, which is much more pronounced than that of women with spring beauty. The complexion may be very light, porcelain or even slightly olive. After contact with the sun, lovely freckles often appear on its surface. As for the hair, there is a hint of red in all hair colours, whether dark or light. Autumn-type women usually have green or brown eyes as well as warm brown eyes. In this case as well, gold goes well with red hair and green or brown eyes.

Type of beauty: Winter

If you are a typical winter type, you certainly have a complexion with cool tones. A woman with this type of skin tone may have an extremely light, Snow White complexion or an olive skin tone. In this case, the hair is usually dark – from dark brown to raven black. The eyes of Mrs. Winter will be green, blue or brown, each certainly very intense, and the contrast between the iris and the sclera is very noticeable. For women who have just this type of beauty, silver elements in makeup prove to be the best. They are the ones that will perfectly bring out the depth of their beauty.

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