Are you plagued by pimples after the holidays and your skin is dry and lackluster?
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Are you plagued by pimples after the holidays and your skin is dry and lackluster?

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Inflammation, pimples, bags under the eyes, and gray skin that lacks radiance and firmness. This is how your face may look like after the holiday madness. What causes it and how to deal with it?

Sweets, alcohol, and also neglecting proper skin care over the Christmas craziness – these are only a few culprits of such a state of affairs. The result is pimples and a puffy, grey face with visible dark circles and bags under the eyes. Unfortunately, the approaching New Year’s Eve and another dose of alcohol and highly processed food can only make our appearance worse. So be kinder to your complexion in the new year and follow these few tips to regain radiance, firmness and good skin quality.

1. Avoid makeup

Try to give your skin a break from foundation and powder. However, if you have to go to the office, be sure to opt for lightweight and mineral versions.

2. Remember to remove makeup and cleanse

Cleanse your face well. Use micellar lotions and cleansing masks.

3. Tone up!

It is very important to use toners or hydrolats right after washing your face to restore the right pH of your skin.

4. Exfoliate dead skin cells

This will unblock the glands, regulate sebaceous secretions, allow the skin to regenerate faster and make it smooth and shiny.

5. Use sera and moisturize

In order to regain firmness and elasticity of the skin, it is necessary to moisturize it properly. Try to use sera, especially with vitamin C, which not only retain water in the epidermis but also lighten dark circles. Do not forget a good cream, preferably with retinol or hyaluronic acid, as well as moisturizing masks.

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