Second wedding? You don’t have to limit yourself at all!

Second wedding? You don’t have to limit yourself at all!

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It may happen in life that the first wedding will not be the last at all. Some people decide to get married a second time. What is involved in organizing such an important event again?

Getting married is one of the most special and unforgettable moments in life. However, there is no guarantee that everything will work out perfectly. Due to various circumstances, the relationship may not survive.

After some time of separation, there is a growing desire to put your life back together. If you are lucky and meet the right person, the idea of remarriage often comes up. Lovers begin to think about how to arrange the ceremony. They have to consider two options – either to bet on an intimate party with their loved ones, or to organize a lavish party with lots of guests. Usually it is the first wedding that is the one with the pomp, so the question arises whether it is at all appropriate to do such a loud event again, especially in a short time interval.

What do you need to consider when organizing a second wedding?

Planning a second wedding brings with it several issues. First of all, the vision and preferences of the couple who decides to get married count. Much also depends on their circumstances, such as what form the new partners’ wedding took previously. If they have or one of them had a ceremony in the registry office, then successfully this time they can swear love to each other at the altar. However, it is usually the first wedding that takes place in a church. This circumstance may preclude the possibility of a religious ceremony again.

One more important aspect is, of course, finances. Dreams of a lavish reception can unfortunately be shattered by the abundance of your wallet. If money is not an issue, there is nothing stopping you from planning the day as you wish and not limiting yourself in anything.

Guest list

You need to be aware of the fact that another wedding may not be perceived well by those around you. A lot also depends on the circumstances under which the previous relationship broke down. If the opponents are not the people closest to us, whose opinion we strongly count with, then it is not worth focusing on this. Although the fact that someone in the family does not approve of the new relationship and has a negative opinion about it may have an impact on whether they want to attend the ceremony or whether the future spouses want to invite them. This may limit the number of guests, so that the event will not be as large.

Also, if it so happens that one of the partners has children from a previous marriage, you should definitely take their opinion about the day into consideration. The final decision on the second wedding and how it will look like, however, belongs to the future newlyweds themselves.

White dress

Many women wonder if it is possible to wear a white dress to a second wedding. The answer is: yes, as much as possible! It is not prohibited, although divorcees willingly decide on a different color. In this way they emphasize the distinctiveness of the occasion and look stylish and original.

Wedding fun

When it comes to the other elements of the celebration such as the music, the menu or the venue itself it is all in the hands of the bride and groom. Some may opt for something that worked well the first time around, while others may intentionally approach the organization in a completely different way to break away from the past, experience something new, and accomplish what didn’t work out before. All the standard elements of the ceremony, such as the first dance and the wedding ceremony can remain unchanged, if that is what the lovers wish.

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