How to care for suede items?

How to care for suede items?

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Suede leather is very stylish, but it gets dirty quickly and absorbs moisture easily. In order to enjoy its durability for as long as possible, you should use appropriate care products and regularly clean and brush your suede items. We suggest how to do it.

The basis of care is good impregnation

Suede shoes are often softer and more pleasant to walk in than their grain leather counterparts, but they soak up moisture more quickly. In the autumn and winter period it will be necessary to apply appropriate impregnation to them. Thanks to that, shoes will gain an additional layer protecting them from getting wet and you will be able to enjoy greater comfort of their use.

Suede leather is a very delicate material and prone to deformation. To keep suede articles in the best possible condition, you should clean them dry by brushing. Many people recommend purchasing a double-sided brush, which has rubber tabs on one side and soft bristles on the other. The rubber part is for removing larger stains such as mud, while the soft bristles are for combing out dust and dirt. For best results, it is recommended to brush the suede against the hair. Never do it wet, but patiently wait until the shoes are dry. Remember not to dry suede shoes on a radiator, as the material may become deformed. Thanks to regular brushing, suede articles will look better and will last you longer. It is best to clean them after each use.

What to do in case of more serious stains?

If a thorough brushing by brushing against the grain has not been enough, it may mean that dirt and moisture have penetrated into the deeper layers of the suede leather. In this situation it is better not to risk with home methods, but to buy a specialized preparation designed for cleaning suede. A universal product, which can be used not only for shoes, but also for clothes, bags, accessories or upholstery, among others, will prove to be a good solution for this purpose Suede and nubuck cleaner it is a good solution for stubborn stains. Choose a product with a colourless formula that will restore the shine to your accessories without affecting their original structure or color. Buy a product with a precise applicator, such as a profiled sponge, so that you don’t miss any stains. Before using any cleaner, test the product on a leather sample attached to the shoe or on an invisible piece of suede leather. Investing in a high-quality suede care product usually guarantees that the product won’t damage the delicate surface of the leather, but it’s better to be sure.

For particularly stubborn stains, you can also apply stain remover for suede and nubuck. It usually has a more concentrated formula than liquid and is used to remove various types of stains and discolorations. It is used to restore the original color of the surface. There are concentrates available in the market whose potency you can mitigate by diluting the product with water. It is also possible to grind off the stubborn dirt with a special rubber for rough leathers.

Chamois leather restorer

If you want to refresh long-unused suede articles, you will need a dedicated renovator or dye Renovator for suede and nubuck this is a high-quality pigment, usually in spray form, which allows for quick regeneration of accessories. Remember to match the right color of refinisher to the product.

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