Rock fashion! What items are worth stocking up on?
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Rock fashion! What items are worth stocking up on?

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Designers like to take inspiration from fashion that reigned on the runways decades ago. Today we have a return to the crazy 80s! They are back, but this time in a slightly different, more elegant edition. Find out how to complete your closet to be fashionable and stylish!

This season’s designers are inspired by the rock ’80s, the effects of which can be seen on the catwalks. The modern interpretation of the rebellious grunge style is this time more toned down, girly and elegant. The modern image of the rebel has been slightly warmed up by soft fabrics and delicate, feminine designs. This is perfectly illustrated by Rage Age, a Polish brand which presented its vision of the 80s. Oversized forms, leather, buffed sleeves and coats made of alpaca. So we can feel the atmosphere of the times of David Bowie and Bon Jovi, while at the same time the collection is modern, stylish and extremely elegant.

Rage Age is a brand where rock style is perfectly embedded in its DNA. The Polish brand has always referred to the American culture, which is why this season it effortlessly refers to the rock climate. What is more, the brand offers not only men’s fashion, as it used to be, but has also prepared a collection addressed to the fair sex. The launch of the women’s collection turned out to be a hit and the whole campaign was positively received. What is more, the clothes are made of high quality materials with great precision, care and attention to detail. It is also worth noting that the collection was created in accordance with the philosophy of “fair trade” and “zero waste”.

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