Comfortable shoes for everyday styling
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Comfortable shoes for everyday styling

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The sky-high stilettos look beautiful, but they are definitely not a good choice for every day, especially with a high-paced life. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of other shoes that you will look beautiful and professional in, and that are perfect for everyday wear.

With a busy lifestyle, comfort plays a big role in everyday styling. Challenges at the office, a business meeting, lunch with a friend, shopping, or maybe the aisle your shoes need to support you throughout the day as you face challenges and tick off more tasks from your busy schedule

But comfort is not the only thing that matters. We know how important an attractive and beautiful appearance is in creating self-confidence. In addition, at work you need to look elegant and stylish. Is it possible to combine all this?

In the daily rush, when we have a lot of duties on our mind, we do not have time to stand in front of the mirror and think about how to choose shoes for styling. When buying shoes for everyday life, it is worth bet on universal shoes, which will match different occasions and elements of your closet.

We’ve chosen models in which you’ll look classy in the office, exude confidence at a business meeting, feel beautiful while shopping or out with friends, and still have the strength to run to the gym later

Moccasins – elegant and professional

Comfortable and at the same time the most versatile proposal for everyday are moccasins. These shoes are more elegant than ballerinas, and thanks to their flat sole they are equally comfortable. Moccasins come in many different versions, so you’re sure to find a model that suits your style. Get inspired by the models available at The most feminine moccasins are those made of suede in pastel colors. They go well with skirts and dresses, but also with material pants. In turn, leather moccasins are the epitome of class and elegance, which will add professionalism to your styling. You will find a wide selection of them at At work, wear them with cigarette pants, and in an urban style with jeans cut-offs

Stiletto pumps – an alternative to heels

There’s no denying that many of us feel most confident in our heels. However, it’s quite a challenge to wear them all day long. An excellent choice for everyday are pumps on a comfortable stiletto. They won’t tire your feet as much as stiletto heels, but they’re still high-heeled shoes. Wear them to work, on your daily run around town, and for special occasions like a date. Even low heels add a feminine touch to your outfit. Go for covered models in autumn and winter, and opt for sandals in spring and summer.

Women’s and comfortable wedges

Platform shoes are a perfect proposition for those, who appreciate comfort and at the same time like to look and feel feminine not only on holidays. Appropriately styled, they will be perfect for both casual and office stylizations. They are the perfect footwear for the warm months. For summer outfits espadrilles on platforms look perfect. They go well with dresses, linen dresses or fabric pants, and after work with satin skirts or high-waisted shorts

Sneakers – even for elegant styling

We are not talking about ordinary sports shoes for running and mountain hiking. Sneakers are a designer combination of comfort and style. That is why trendsetters have been wearing them not only with leggings, sweatshirts and tracksuits for a long time. Today, sneakers are also worn in urban and even office outfits. Of course, not all industries can afford such footwear, but in many it is perfectly acceptable. It’s trendy to combine them with floaty dresses and skirts and even with tailored pants and ladies’ suits!

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