How to rejuvenate the skin on the neck and décolletage?
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How to rejuvenate the skin on the neck and décolletage?

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You take care of your face every day, make sure you cleanse, tone, apply masks, moisturize and protect your complexion with a UV filter. Great, your skin will undoubtedly thank you with a young and radiant look for many years! But do you take the same care with your neck and décolleté?

Unfortunately, rush, tiredness or simply ignorance make us forget about our neck and décolleté, while we take care of our face with more or less care. And this is a big mistake, because in this region the skin is built slightly differently than on the forehead or cheeks and therefore requires much more care and attention. It is not only much thinner, but also lacking sebaceous glands, which by producing sebum do not provide an adequate level of hydration, but also protect it from external factors. Therefore, in this region it is more prone to dryness, irritation, damage, and it also loses elasticity, firmness and wrinkles faster.

If you’ve been skipping neck and décolleté in your morning or evening routine so far, it’s worth working on your habits today. Daily skin care can do wonders and significantly improve the appearance of our skin in this area. Take care of proper cleansing, tone, moisturize, and also apply the appropriate vitamin-rich serums, masks and creams. With systematic care, your skin will undoubtedly quickly repay you with a beautiful appearance.

However, if your neglect is so visible that the skin in this area embarrasses you, there is an effective way to improve it quickly and effectively. This is mesotherapy, which in addition to a huge amount of nutrients will also stimulate your body to repair processes. This will quickly improve the quality and density of your skin, and wrinkles will become less visible.

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