Unprofessional appearance at work. Don’t make these mistakes!
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Unprofessional appearance at work. Don’t make these mistakes!

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Looking unprofessional at work can have a negative impact on your image and how others perceive you.

In order to gain self-confidence and emphasize that you are the right person for the right job, it is worth taking care of your clothes, as well as your make-up and hairstyle. Find out what mistakes you should not make and what you need to do to look professional at work.

1. Wearing clothes in the wrong size

One of the very common mistakes is choosing clothes in the wrong size. Clothes that are too small will restrict movement and definitely will not look professional. On the other hand, if the outfit is too big, the problem will be similar and your appearance will leave a lot to be desired.

2. Wrong cut of clothes

Another mistake is buying clothes that do not fit the figure. It is about both the cut and the color. It’s worth spending some time to choose appropriate sets, which will correct the flaws of your figure and emphasize its assets.

3. Wrong footwear

Footwear must be tailored to the nature of the job, it cannot have eye-catching colors, be decorated with chains and shiny stones. Sports shoes, flip-flops and sandals are also inappropriate. Shoes should be elegant, good quality, clean and neat. It is also worth remembering not to wear shoes on bare feet, as it is very inelegant.

4. Jeans

Jeans are not a good choice. It is not acceptable to wear pants with rips, holes and studs. If you actually don’t have an outlet, wear dark colored jeans as they will be more formal. A better choice will be classic elegant pants. However, a pencil skirt below the knee or mid-calf, paired with high heels will work best.

5. Breast-revealing neckline

Blouses and shirts for work can be of any neckline shape, but remember that it should be shallow enough. Exposing breasts at work is not welcome. The same goes for overexposing your shoulders and back. Blouses with thin straps, sleeveless and with exposed backs are better left for meetings with colleagues or relaxing on the beach.

6. Bright colors

The color of your clothes is also very important. It is not advisable to wear clothes in bright colors, with sequins, glitter and naughty prints. Clothes in subdued colors will meet with a better reception, but this does not mean that you have to wear only white and black clothes.

You can bet on classic colors such as navy blue, dark gray or graphite. Pastel colors, delicate floral motifs or subtle embossing are also good choices. This way you will be elegant and you will not make a fashion mistake.

7. Poor quality clothes

When choosing clothes for work, you should pay attention to the material from which they are made and the quality of the stitching. It will be beneficial to choose clothes made of natural fabrics with the addition of synthetic fibers.

Such clothes will maintain a nice appearance longer, will be healthier for the skin, but also will not be very prone to creasing. Seams in clothes should be strong and carefully made. Wearing clothes with a hole or a ripping seam would be inappropriate and would reflect badly on your appearance.

8. Wearing the same clothes day after day

No matter how beautiful your clothes are and how good you feel in them, do not wear the same clothes day after day

9. Inappropriate makeup

Besides your outfit, makeup is very important. Too much or no makeup at all is not the best option. Unhealthy shiny facial skin can be perceived as a sign of neglect. It is best to wear a full make-up, which gently enhances your beauty and discreetly hides its flaws.

10. Neglected Hairstyle

It is unacceptable that your hair is dirty and stale. You should also avoid coming to work with a messy head of hair. You can leave your shoulder-length hair loose, but make sure that it is neatly styled. If you have longer hair that is difficult to style, put it into an elegant chignon or ponytail.


Looking professional at work is extremely important. It is important that your dress is appropriate, your hairstyle is impeccable, and your makeup is subtle. If you avoid the mistakes described above, you will definitely emphasize your competence on the job.

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