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Which jacket for winter? Which one will work best for frosty mornings and equally chilly evenings? We have a few suggestions of winter jackets for every fashionable and elegant woman. Check out how to stay warm and still look stylish.

Down jackets – the most fashionable winter jackets

The ranking of long winter jackets undoubtedly opens down jackets. These jackets are very popular because they warm our body well and effectively prevent chilling. The most important thing is the filling of the jacket. Natural down is very warm, and also extremely lightweight. Thanks to that jacket is comfortable to wear and provides freedom of movement.

In such a jacket you will certainly not get cold when going to work in the morning or standing at a bus stop. What is more, you may find very simple and classic cuts, but also designer jackets in energetic colors, which will make you stand out from the grey crowd.

Ladies’ quilted jackets

The second type of winter jackets are quilted ladies’ jackets filled with insulation. They have a characteristic stitched pattern, so they may slightly broaden your figure. To slim the figure optically, you may opt for a jacket of a slightly darker color.

It is said that quilted jackets go best with sports outfits. However, there is nothing stopping you from experimenting with fashion and wearing a jacket to university or work. Underneath you can put on a knitted dress or pants and a short sweater. Pay attention to the hood of the jacket. If you want to be able to detach the hood for warmer days, choose a model with a zipper or button hood.

Thick winter parkas

Winter parkas are also an extremely popular type of winter jacket for women. The characteristic feature of parkas is a slightly longer back. The final length of the parka depends on the cut. The most popular are models reaching to mid-thigh or to the knees. However, in stores you can also find much longer garments, which, like coats, end above the ankles. It is worth mentioning that parkas also have a practical hood. In winter models this hood is trimmed with fur, thanks to which we do not get cold in our heads, even during bitterly cold weather.

You can get winter parkas jackets in different color variants. Let’s not be afraid of cheerful colors, especially since most people wear dark outerwear.

Long or short jacket?

There is also an important distinction between short and long jackets. Short jackets are more practical, but longer styles undoubtedly provide more warmth. Short jackets are more practical, but longer styles undoubtedly provide more warmth. They cover critical parts of our body, not allowing us to freeze, even during the coldest weather.

It is worth having two jackets in your closet: a longer and a shorter model. Shorter jacket will be worn when walking a dog or going to the store, and longer one – when we know that we will spend more time outside and we want to feel thermal comfort.

Now you know what jackets are good for cold mornings. Choose the model you feel good in and be ready for minus temperatures! With good clothes, winter will not be so terrible anymore.

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