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Emollients are one of the ingredients of cosmetics. They are produced on the basis of oils and their task is to properly lubricate the skin, as well as prevent water loss. What is more, they protect the epidermis against adverse external factors.

It is worth to look for lotions and creams containing emollients on store shelves. They are the ones that are effective in everyday skin care, especially in autumn and winter. Why? Because they form a protective layer, which protects the skin against external factors and maintain proper skin hydration. What is more, they soothe itching, burning, redness, excessive dryness of the epidermis or reduce flaking. It is because of the latter factor that they are especially recommended to people struggling with atopic dermatitis. It is also worth knowing that emollients contained in cosmetics do not cause allergic reactions, so they can be successfully used by people prone to irritation.

How to find emollients in cosmetics? Study the composition and check if they have in the INCI in the name: oil, lanolin, cetyl, ceteryl alcohol, wax or paraffinium liquidum.

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