makijaż fries and Cat eyes

Make-up no make-up, rosy cheeks, lip contouring and the glow effect are some of the main make-up trends that will dominate the spring-summer 2021 season. But that’s not all! Colored eyeliner will be a real hit this summer!

Pandemic has brought social life to a standstill. Closed cafes, restaurants, cinemas and clubs have made us crave, as never before, madness, carelessness and… color! That’s why bold and full of character eye make-up will dominate this season! And while make-up is still on trend, there are plenty of colourful accents. So be sure to stock up on some coloured eyeliners and eye shadow, which you can swap between depending on your style and mood!

What colors should you go for? Blue, green, yellow and also pink and red! These are the firm favourites. What’s more, a colored eyeliner will be the perfect complement to your natural makeup, adding a touch of character and expressiveness.

Laminated eyebrows, rosy cheeks instead of bronzer contouring and red lips are also in vogue this season. In 2021, you can indulge in the madness and have fun with color!

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