Why practice yoga?
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Why practice yoga?

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Yoga has been extremely popular for a long time now. It is practiced by athletes, celebrities, Influencers as well as anyone who wants to improve their body or reduce stress. So find out why you should practice yoga!

Yoga is a form of physical activity, which apart from strengthening the body also has a great impact on our state of mind. It calms you down, relaxes you, allows you to control your breathing and improves the functioning of the whole body. What’s more, it reduces the negative effects of stress, and unfortunately nowadays we do not lack it. At the beginning yoga may seem complicated, but watching a few instructional videos on Youtube allows you to quickly learn the basic asanas, and after implementing them you will not feel like stopping. Find out why else you should practice yoga.

Stress Reduction

As we mentioned above, yoga is great for calming down, reducing uncomfortable tension and reducing cortisol levels. Moreover, you will feel relaxed and refreshed after doing the exercises.

Improves flexibility, improves circulation and relieves pain

If you suffer from leg cramps, neck numbness or back pain every now and then, try yoga. This will increase the flexibility of the tendons, increase the range of motion, improve blood flow, and eliminate pain.

Improves digestion, speeds up metabolism

Few people know, but yoga practiced regularly speeds up metabolism, and also, thanks to regulates the secretion of hormones responsible for proper digestion. Already reducing cortisol, a stress hormone, significantly improves the functioning of the stomach and intestines.

Improves immunity

Thanks to the effective elimination of stress and proper oxygenation of the body, yoga improves immunity. Thanks to it you will not only less often struggle with infections, but you will also prevent the development of more dangerous diseases.

Effective in weight loss

Although it may seem that yoga is not as intense as exercises in the gym or aerobics classes, but this one perfectly engages all muscles to work. Thanks to this it is much more effective in burning calories.

Do you want to start practicing yoga? Below you will find an instructional video. Be sure to let us know how it went!

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