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Unfortunately, manicure or pedicure hybrid, although it looks phenomenal on our hands, is responsible for brittleness, fragility or splitting of the nails. Find out how to deal with these problems, and what care to use.

1. Diet and supplements

You should analyze your current menu and support your nails with natural supplements in the form of vegetables and fruits. Make sure that your diet does not lack B vitamins, A and zinc, silicon, calcium, iron, biotin, magnesium or folic acid. It is also worth including fish, which are rich in omega 3 acids, as well as healthy fats. A very important ingredient needed in the reconstruction of damaged nail plate will be sulfur. Besides fish, you will also find it in broccoli or garlic.

2. Use oils and cheese

Nail oils and vitamin-rich cheeses will deeply moisturize, make dry and damaged nail plate more flexible and strengthen it. Use them several times a day and also after washing your hands. Remember that soap can dry out nails.

3. Give up nail polish

Until your nail plate recovers, avoid nail polish, nail tips, acrylics and especially hybrids. Your nails need time to recover properly.

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