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Pimples can be a real pain in the ass, especially if you want to look beautiful today because you have an important meeting or a date with your beloved. However, if pimples notoriously appear in certain places it may be a signal sent by your body. Find out how to deal with it.

Poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, allergies or poor skincare are the most common causes of pimples. There are ways to deal with them, but it is worth being aware of what may be the cause, because even the best cosmetics without fixing your diet or reducing stress may not help in the fight for beautiful and healthy skin. Often it is also worth seeing a doctor, who will advise special care and supplementation. So find out what can cause pimples under the nose and around the mouth and how to deal with it.

Improper or no deep cleansing of the skin

Do you often go to bed wearing makeup? Or are you so tired in the evening that you don’t do your makeup removal thoroughly? Do you think that if you don’t wash your face once, nothing will happen? Unfortunately, not cleansing and removing makeup properly can lead to unwanted blackheads and pimples. Make sure to not only wash your face with the right products, but do it thoroughly and systematically. You will see, your skin will thank you very quickly!

B vitamin deficiencies

If you struggle with recurring eczema, especially around the mouth and nose, it may be a sign that you lack B vitamins. It is worth enriching your diet with whole grain bread, groats, nuts, eggs, fish, fruits and vegetables. These products are not only a source of vitamins, but also minerals and essential fatty acids. Thanks to them you will improve the appearance not only of your complexion, but also hair and nails.

Dehydration, use of stimulants and consumption of processed food

More often than not, pimples are the result of eating highly processed foods such as sweets, sugary drinks, white bread or crisps, but also of using stimulants: alcohol or cigarettes. Unfortunately, all of this takes its toll on your skin, and not only does it let you know that it’s not good for you, but your skin becomes gray and dull. If your skin lacks proper hydration, it ages faster and often suffers from inflammation.

Poor cosmetics and allergies

It is not uncommon for the cosmetics you use to cause allergies and thus irritate the skin on your face. It’s worth taking a look at your facial cleansers, creams and cheeses once in a while. It is quite possible that they are not serving you and causing pimples to form.

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