The stylish tops are perfect for dressing up in the operating room, but they can also be worn outside of work to wear out with friends or even by yourself! Modest scrub tops aren’t just fun and fashionable, though; they also provide optimal functionality during medical procedures, ensuring that you can stay focused on your patients instead of your outfit or any wardrobe malfunctions that may come along with it!

Scrubs: The Basics

Scrubs are loose-fitting garments, typically made of cotton or synthetic fabric, that are worn by healthcare professionals. There are two types of scrubs; disposable and non-disposable. Disposable scrubs are most often used in hospitals because they can be easily disposed of after use. 

Scrubs: What are they?

Scrubs are the uniform of choice in the medical profession. They are traditionally made of cotton or cotton-polyester blend fabric and may have long sleeves. Scrubs are designed for easy movement and comfort, as well as protection from stains and spills. We’re excited to introduce our newest addition to the scrub top collection – modest scrub tops! With our new line of modest scrub tops, you’ll be able to look professional, while also feeling confident and comfortable in your clothes. You can mix and match with any bottoms you like. In this post, we will discuss why we created them, who they’re for, how to care for them and what style options we offer.

Scrubs: Who wears them?

Scrubs are the traditional outfit of healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses. They’re made of a material that’s both durable and comfortable, so they can be worn for long periods of time without causing any discomfort or sores. What makes them especially practical is that they have lots of pockets which provide plenty of storage space for medical supplies, pens, and other items. In fact, most scrubs come with at least six pockets: two on each side of the chest area, two lower front pockets (known as cargo pockets, and two back pockets.

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