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They support the regeneration of the skin and make it more flexible, firm, nourish and protect it against harmful external factors. They are rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Find out why it is worth introducing them into everyday skin care.

Recently oils have become very popular. No wonder, after all they are multi-tasking products. They perfectly cleanse the skin of impurities and make-up, nourish, regenerate and have a rejuvenating effect. What is more, these inconspicuous products contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals. So, one can say that they contain everything that is necessary for the proper functioning of the skin. It is also worth knowing that oils are also a great carrier for active ingredients, including retinol. Thanks to them, vitamins and minerals are much better absorbed and work.

Oils make skin more elastic and firm, as well as perfectly smooth wrinkles, that is why they are recommended for mature skins or those who want to effectively fight the passing time. Moreover, they speed up wound healing, have anti-inflammatory properties and normalize the work of sebaceous glands. These properties, in turn, will be helpful in the fight against acne or eczema. Apart from mature and problematic skin, oils also work well in oily skins, where they reduce seborrhea, as well as in dry skins. The latter protect against moisture loss.

How to use oils?

For makeup remover, you can apply a little oil to your hands and then massage into your face in a circular motion. After a while, the makeup should start washing off. Take cotton balls and wipe off the impurities, then wash your face with gel.

If you want to use facial oils, always use a base, such as hydrolate or water. However, never apply the oil directly to your face.

You can also use oils as a finishing touch. Apply serum, cream, and finally oil.

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